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Deceptive name, that. I don't speak to the stones...they speak to me.

I just listen, then mold what I see.

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Name:Seamus O'Leary
Birthdate:Mar 26
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
Seamus John O'Leary
Between the last second of one day and the first second of the next, there's a heartbeat where time and space open into the Between, the realms of magic and power where creatures like the fey make their home. Souls who die here wander the earth as ghosts, stuck between worlds. Children born into the world through this rift are fey-touched, given over to the magic of the Between.

The O'Leary twins were two such children, fey-touched and born to a human mother at precisely the same moment. This might seem impossible, if not for Eamus O'Leary's size: only half as big as his brother, the doctor thought him to be stillborn until he gave his first cry, a hale and healthy wail befitting a babe twice as big as he.

Of the two, it was Seamus who was the shining star: large in size, beautiful to behold, and gentle as a lamb despite growing into a massive specimen of manhood. Migrating from their native Dublin to Lakeshire, England as toddlers, the O'Leary boys were educated by the Lady of the Lake herself to understand their origins as well as their power. Both are rogue faerie, but Eamus is a leprechaun while Seamus is sidhe, a high faerie with no ties to either of the courts.


According to Seamus, the first thing to know about the fey is that you must forget all you know. Well...most of it, anyway. Some of the stories are true, and some are bunk. In general, there's a handful of rules to remember when dealing with any faerie of any court:

· Respect the natural world, for that is where their power lies.
· Observe the Golden Rule. The fey return kindness, cruelty, and indifference in equal proportion.
· A name is a gift, use it carefully. Invoke a faerie's name to bind them, and they shall destroy you.
· Stand firm your ground, for even a benevolent faerie will take advantage of weakness or uncertainty in a man.
· Most vital of them all, never, EVER thank a faerie outright for a deed. To say 'thank you' is to acknowledge a debt, and to acknowledge a debt to the fey is to seal it in stone. The fey are fickle and tightly bound by honor: if you owe a faerie, they WILL collect even at the cost of an innocent life. What the debt is worth is theirs to decide, and they are known to change their mind.


The sidhe are fey royals, the loveliest and most famous of the fey. They are spellcasters with power over the elements, and aside from their exceeding beauty they only occasionally have endowments humans do not, such as strength or hearing or sight. They also exude magic, giving them heavy sway over the minds and hearts of Man. Generally they are the loveliest of the fey because their bodies and faces that reflect the nature of their power. Seamus is an Earth faerie, and as such is broad and hard of build.

Sidhe are endowed with gifts native to their affiliation. As an Earth faerie, Seamus is a Stone Speaker. Literally, that means the earth speaks to him. Specifically, this gift translates to a form of geokinetic prophecy. His touch makes even diamonds malleable, and his strength is such that he can fuse raw sand into pure crystal. Using this gift and his ability to speak to the spirit of the earth, he works as an artist and sculpts pure stone with bare hands. The images and sculptures he creates are direct symbols of the things that the earth whispers in his mind, everything from feelings and thoughts to future events and instances that have taken place where the earth can hear. Often, he entertains friends by forecasting the weather with lumps of quartz. Molding the stones into abstract shapes, he can determine anything from sunny and clear weather to violent storms on the horizon.


Not John Cena, not Seamus O'Leary. Seamus is made up, and John belongs both to himself and the WWE. Not making any money here, so don't sue, I put away my toys when I'm done.
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